Welcome to QV costbuilder, a subscription based online platform that provides access to building cost data for those in the building trade industry and property professionals.


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In 2014, Quotable Value Limited (QV) purchased the intellectual property and systems for the Rawlinsons New Zealand Construction Handbook. To ensure the same great quality of information was maintained, the author of the last 19 handbooks joined QV and has helped with the transition and updating of the construction cost data to QV costbuilder.

Whether you’re completing a new build, looking at the cost of replacement or needing to understand the build-up of cost elements, QV costbuilder provides this information along with:

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As an online platform, QV costbuilder will be updated regularly to provide the latest construction/building data all year round.

There’s also more data available compared to the previous handbook with construction data for six cities – Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

For this first release, QV costbuilder will have a similar layout, structure and cost to the previous handbook. The cost for each subscription option is for an annual period only and is based on the number of end-users:

We will continue to regularly enhance the website experience that will be based on customers’ feedback. To provide your feedback or to enquire about anything to do with QV costbuilder, please email qvcostbuilder@qv.co.nz.